Hydraulic steel structures for turbine protection

Certain hydro-mechanical components are essential for the smooth operation of your hydropower plant. On the one hand, they protect the turbine and on the other hand they direct the water flow.

Thanks to years of experience, hydraulic steel structures from WWS guarantee fail-safe operation even under the toughest conditions.

WWS plans, produces, delivers, and installs:

  • Coarse screen
  • Fine trash rake fields – all possible bar distances; horizontally and vertically
  • Trash rake cleaning machines – horizontal and vertical
  • Sluice gates – designed as sliding or roller gates, with electric or hydraulic drive
  • Spillway gates / Crest gates
  • Fish ladders and fish descent aids
  • Many other customized special devices

We also offer the replacement of individual elements and various maintenance packages for existing power plants. These significantly improve the efficiency and environmental compatibility of your system.

In order to choose the best option for your power plant, we are happy to offer you on-site analysis and advice. Of course we accompany you from the planning to the construction to the assembly of all components.

Rake systems and trash rake cleaning machines

Coarse rakes, fine rake fields and trash rake cleaning systems are used to keep branches and other floating material away from the turbine.

The fine rake field is installed in front of the turbine inlet or the inlet to the penstock in order to filter floating debris. This trash rake field can be made from simple flat steel, however, WWS relies on flow-optimized profiles to reduce losses.

The trash rake cleaning system is responsible for cleaning the trash rake fields from the accumulated debris (branches, leaves, garbage, etc.). The debris from the vertical rake cleaning system is transported into the flushing channel where it is removed with the help of the flushing pump.

At the horizontal trash rake cleaning system, the floating material is laterally fed back into the underwater. As a result, the microorganisms remain in the river and the ecological balance is maintained.

Sluice gates

In the event of repairs to the turbines or in the event of flooding, it is necessary to divert the water flow and some of the water must also be routed past the turbine in controlled operation. Sluice gates and roller gates control the flow of water.

Flushing gates/bottom outlet gates enable the efficient removal of stones and sediments deposited on the ground.

Fish ladders and fish descent aids are an important part of environmental protection and ensure the mobility of river fishes and ensure their reproduction. For this we offer the appropriate inlet gates and the necessary diversion elements inside the fishway.

Flap gates

are also well known as crest gates are an important component for regulating the water level in front of the power plant. Especially in the event of a flood, a reliable flap gate is essential to avoid backwater and thus flooding.

WWS Wasserkraft designs and manufactures the flaps for a wide range of applications, such as impoundment in front of power plants, flood discharge, etc.