Your competent partner

As a reliable partner for the construction of hydropower plants, we strive to cater to our customers’ needs. WWS Wasserkraft guarantees the best quality from planning to construction and modernization. You benefit from our long-term experience in operating our own hydropower plants. The comprehensive range of services from WWS Wasserkraft enables you to implement your project quickly. Production and pre-assembly take place in our factory in Neufelden, Austria.

Technische Beratung für perfekte die Turbinenlösung

Turbine engineering

We design and manufacture your water turbine. We draw our expertise in water turbine construction from more than 35 years of design experience. WWS turbines are designed for maximum efficiency with a long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Turbine selection

We support you in the selection of the ideal turbine specifically for the requirements and preconditions of your hydropower plant. We take all relevant parameters into account and combine theoretical know-how with our practical experience.

Depending on the head (elevation difference in meters) and the amount of water (flow in m³/s), we differentiate between the following types of turbines:

You can find a turbine calculator for the first rough dimensioning here.


Additional equipment for turbines

For optimal operation of your water turbine, in addition to turbine engineering, we also offer all the necessary electromechanical accessories such as turbine control systems and hydraulic systems for your hydro turbine.

Hydraulic steel structures

In addition to the turbines and the electromechanical accessories, other devices and parts are required for the smooth operation of hydropower plants. These include trash rakes, slide gates, flap gates, and fish ladders.

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Water to Wire – All from a single source

The complexity of power plants has increased continuously in recent years. Many customers therefore trust in the expertise of WWS Wasserkraft. From advice to analysis and planning to technical and structural implementation – we accompany you on your way to your own hydropower plant.

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Service and maintenance

As a reliable partner for service and maintenance of hydropower plants, WWS Wasserkraft guarantees the highest quality at fair prices.

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Modernization and revitalization

Modernization of existing hydropower plants is one of our specialties. As operators of our own hydropower plants, we are familiar with the problems of old plants and the enormous potential for increasing the performance of a turbine through overhaul or revitalization.

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