Energy has been generated from water at this historic location since the 16th century. In the beginning, machines were powered by simple waterwheels. In 1938 the first turbine was installed that supplied the cardboard factory with sustainable energy. When Christoph Wagner and his colleagues founded WWS Wasserkraft in 2008, an empty hall was converted into the first production facility for high-quality water turbines.

WWS stands for the initials of the three founding members:
Wagner Christoph, Wögerbauer Josef, Scharrer Günther

Their shared passion, hydropower, became the connecting element of the three founders. At the beginning, the company specialized in the construction of small hydropower plants in German-speaking countries and also offered revitalization of old power plants and turbines. When the cardboard factory closed for good, the building was gradually converted into a modern production facility.

History 1984 turbine repair
Turbine revitalization 1984, Christoph, Thomas & Hermann Wagner, Bernhard Müller with Francis turbine runner
Turbine 2 in 1982 - Pürnstein

The high quality turbines were not only installed in Austria and Germany; some were brought to Eastern Europe before expanding step by step and meanwhile delivering turbines all over the world.

The family-run company enjoys an excellent reputation due to its outstanding quality and innovative products. WWS Wasserkraft is now one of the world’s leading providers of complete solutions up to 10 MW per turbine.