In 2022, the Berali hydroelectric power station, located in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, was successfully put into operation. This remarkable facility features a small powerful 2-jet Pelton turbine, boasting an output of 900kw. What sets this project apart is its unique design, allowing it to be fed by two different rivers through a pressure pipeline. Our customer has demonstrated exceptional mastery in the precise calculation and design required for such an intricate inflow system.

To give you a closer look at this extraordinary project, we have created a captivating video showing the entire project. Experience the story from the development to the realization of the project, which now feeds around 5 million kWh of clean energy into Georgia’s local power grid.

Here is the video about this great project:

Berali HPP video

However, before the turbine could be installed on-site, numerous work steps were carried out. These included detailed planning of the turbine parts by our experienced engineers.

Design of Pelton turbines at WWS Wasserkraft engineering office

Thereafter the mechanical parts were manufactured in our workshop. At WWS Wasserkraft, we take immense pride in our Austrian craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Welding of turbine housing at WWS Wasserkraft

After all the manufacturing was done our professional installation team performed the inhouse pre-assembly  of the turbine and the functionality test of the complete hydraulic actuation of each nozzle and the jet deflector

Final assembly and testing in the WWS pre-assembly hall

Join us on this journey as we continue to shape a greener future through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.