Digital turbine control system

The heart of every modern hydropower plant is the intelligent and automated control system with powerful industry components.

The turbine control system and the hydraulic steel construction control system developed by WWS allow smooth operation. Using standardized software components, we configure optimized controls according to customer-specific requirements in order to maximize the energy production of your power plant.

Control is very simple via a user-friendly touch screen on site …

WWS Steuerungsdisplay lokal Turbinenregler EPIC

… or via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Control system WWS remote at home

For each turbine typeKaplan, Francis, or Pelton – we have developed specific user interfaces that are easy to understand and self-explanatory. Control parameters can be adjusted to your system needs via the user interface.

The control can of course be equipped with surveillance cameras or additional monitoring features as required.

With the implemented surveillance cameras, you can always monitor your system and can conveniently see what is happening on site from home.

Control-WWS-hydraulic steel structure - camera

All hydro-mechanical equipment like trash rack cleaning machines, flap gates and sluice gates drives can be integrated directly into the control system, or at longer distances be implemented via Modbus – there are also separate visualization options available.
If you already have existing hydraulic steel structures, these can of course be easily integrated into our WWS control.

Electrical switchgear and additional components

In order to ensure that the electricity generated is also safely derived from the generator and that it is properly synchronized to the power grid, the electrical in-house engineering department from WWS Wasserkraft offers planning and calculation of these switchgear according to the standards.

Einliniendiagramm Schaltplan Turbinen Elektrik Verkabelung

To protect your system, it is of course also necessary to integrate the appropriate protective devices into the switchgear in order to protect it from external influences.

Depending on the size of the system, the generator is synchronized with the power grid at the low voltage (400V or 690V) or medium voltage level (greater than 1000V).

Thanks to our close cooperation with well known European partners, WWS also supplies high-quality, fail-safe switchgear and transformers in the medium-voltage range.

Schaltschrank Zusammenbau WWS Steuerungstechnik Elektronik

Individual solutions for all applications

  • Turbine control with optimized visualization
  • Control systems for hydraulic steel structures and rake cleaners
  • SCADA systems
  • Switchgear for low voltage
  • Switchgear for medium voltage
  • power transformers