WWS PowerGate


The WWS PowerGate was specifically developed for the economical utilization of small amounts of water and low head. The turbine is suitable for a flow of 1-5 m³/s and a head of 1.5-5 m.

The WWS PowerGate is a complete package that, thanks to its compact design, can be delivered pre-assembled and thus enables quick and easy installation. The WWS PowerGate is therefore the most economical and comfortable solution for projects up to 100kW in which usually a conventional Kaplan turbine would be used.

This total package consists of

  • Fine trash rake
  • Automatic trash rake cleaning system
  • Kaplan bulb turbine
  • Draft tube
  • Generator housing
  • Slide gate + frame

The WWS PowerGate is very easy to install, as the product is already prepared in the factory and only needs to be inserted into a prepared frame construction (U-beam) on location. Your hydropower plant will be a “plug and play” product. As with all of our products, you can control it using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, depending on your requirements.

Operating principle of the WWS PowerGate

The WWS PowerGate was developed by WWS Wasserkraft between 2009 and 2014 and tested and perfected in numerous prototypes.

The principle of operation is similar to a Kaplan bulb turbine. What is new is the concept of a compact, quick-to-install, complete package which can use small amounts and heads of water more economically than conventional products.

This installation offers the optimal alternative to more expensive conventional constructions, both for the use of the residual water in larger power plants and installed in existing weir systems.

There is also the opportunity to use existing irrigation channels or the channels of fish farms or similar structures.