Water is the natural resource of life. We at WWS Wasserkraft try to promote hydropower as a decentralized renewable form of energy even further. Through specialized further development and research on our products, hydropower is to be consolidated as a sustainable, constant, and long-lasting alternative to other forms of energy generation.

“Water will be the Coal of the Future” – Jules Verne

WWS Wasserkraft is constantly striving to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. This goal is achieved through close cooperation with local partners and responsible use of natural resources. Due to the high level of in-house production, the quality of the individual components is optimally monitored.


Hydropower is deeply rooted in Austrian history, which is why we at WWS see it as our task to combine this tradition with the latest technology.


The company is characterized by constant, sustainable development and growth. Both the management and all employees share the same enthusiasm for hydropower and work together for a greener future.