Modernization of old hydropower plants is one of our specialties

As operators of our own hydropower plants, we are familiar with the problems of old hydropower plants and the enormous potential for performance enhancement through the renewal or revitalization of the equipment. Together we will find the best solution to bring your hydropower plant up to date.

Survey - Analysis - Decision making - Modernization

The first step of a successful revitalization is a survey of the current hydropower equipment.

After detailed data collection, our experts prepare a technical evaluation of the system to determine which components need to be overhauled or replaced. In addition, a profitability analysis can provide valuable insights.

This comprehensive analysis ultimately results in several options, from which we select the most economical one together with you.

We take care about both the disassembly and the pre-assembly at our factory. The overhauled components of the hydropower plant are then reinstalled in the power plant.

WWS Revitalisierung Francis Zwillingsturbine Modernisierung
WWS Revitalisierung Stahlwasserbau Schütztafel