To assert ourselves in the highly competitive world market of small hydropower, research & development are decisive factors for success.

Due to the support of the national research agency for business-related research & development, we have been able to successfully develop many research projects in recent years, expand WWS`s specific know-how even further and thus positioned ourselves as one of the most innovative companies.

Thanks to the European funding program Eureka, an international research project was also recently completed. With our Norwegian partner, many important insights were gained and new business relationships were developed and furher deepend.

Last week the Managing Director of FFG, Mag. Dr. Henrietta Egerth, visited the R&D department at WWS together with Markus Achleitner, Provincial Councillor for Economic Affairs. They were amazed about the decisive contribution of WWS and small hydropower in general to the upcoming energy turnaround.

FFG Managing Director Mag. Dr. Henrietta Egerth visits WWS