In-house digital turbine control system

Smooth operation is made possible with the EPIC turbine and hydraulic steel components control system specially developed by WWS. High-quality software components configure the control system according to customer-specific requirements to maximize the energy production of your hydropower plant.


EPIC is controlled via a user-friendly touch screen on site or conveniently via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Configured user interface

Depending on the turbine type, specific user interfaces are used. The intuitive design allows easy operation of your plant and important control parameters can be safely adjusted at any time.

All hydraulic steelwork components such as trash rack cleaning systems, spillway gates and sluice gate actuators can be integrated into the control system, including their own visualization. Existing plant components can be easily integrated into EPIC.

EPIC also allows the additional implementation of any number of cameras and other monitoring functions — so you always have an overview of your plant.

One system - three options


WWS Basic Version
The EPIC turbine control system from WWS Wasserkraft is a stand-alone control system that functions independently of other downstream elements. It combines all the functions of a high-quality turbine control system necessary for proper operation.



WWS Scada Cloud
In addition to the basic version of the EPIC turbine control system, a cloud-based solution for redundant data storage is provided. This enables simple management of multiple turbines as well as clear analysis of the production data.



WWS Scada Premium
This version offers all the advantages of a high-quality SCADA system. In addition, this version includes a comprehensive workstation, which allows self-sufficient and completely independent work.


Tailor-made switchgear

In order to ensure that the generator is proper synchronized, and the produced electricity is also correctly transported and fed from the generator to the grid, the electrical in-house engineering department from WWS Wasserkraft offers planning and calculation of the switchgear according to the international standards.

Depending on size and requirements, low-voltage to medium-voltage switchgear can be supplied and installed for connection to the local grid.

To protect your system, it is of course also necessary to integrate the appropriate protective devices into the switchgear in order to protect it from external influences.

Through our close cooperation with well known European partners, WWS also supplies high-quality and failsafe switchgear and transformers for medium-voltage range. These components are also professionally installed and commissioned by trained WWS personnel.

Individual for all Applications

  • Turbine control with optimized visualization
  • Control systems for hydraulic steel structures and rake cleaners
  • WWS SCADA systems
  • Switchgear for low voltage
  • Switchgear for medium voltage
  • power transformers