With the development of the PowerGate, WWS Wasserkraft changed the market for small hydropower turbines up to about 100 kW.

The idea behind this invention, which arose in 2009, was a compact powerplant which can be used to produce renewable energy at unused barrages by minor adaptations of it.

The decisive advantage, in addition to the simple and efficient construction, are the almost negligible civil costs compared to the powerhouse and surrounding hydraulic steel structure needed by conventional turbines. This results in an economical solution of the residual water use with a flat and high efficiency curve, thanks to the double-regulated guide vanes and runner blades.

Ideally, the WWS PowerGate does not incur any additional civil costs, for example if an existing sluice gate is removed and the compact turbine is inserted into the frame.

All the components required for operation, from the fine trash rake incl. a trash rake cleaning machine, the inlet pipe and the turbine generator unit or the hydraulic power unit to the sluice gate with the lifting unit and the draft tube, are directly installed at the WWS PowerGate.

All these components are pre-assembled in our workshop, which results in very short installation – and commissioning times.

Due to the possibility of lifting the entire unit, gravel and other sediments accumulated on the ground can be washed away without any problems, also the turbine is protected against damage in the event of a flood.

The PowerGate also has great potential in the countless irrigation channels worldwide, which usually have natural drops of 2-3 m every few kilometres. With this unique solution WWS Wasserkraft creates a cost-efficient electrification of rural, infrastructurally disadvantaged areas.

Until now eight PowerGates are already in operation, two more are currently under production – we are convinced that this practical compact turbine will be used much more often in the future!