Commissioning of the plant Amlan - Philippines


The first reference hydro power plant in Asia was successfully handed over in December 2015.

Due to the fact that this project was a renovation project, the challenge was to implement the new equipment in the existing turbine house. But the result is presentable and truly impressive.

The customer Amlan Hydro Power Cooperation  is very satisfied with the plant and pleased about the flexible settlement during the project period and the installation. Thus we are looking forward to a several follow-up orders in the Asian region.


CATEGORY: Francis-Spiralturbine

Net head [m]: 96,62
Turbine power output [kW]: 477
Runner diameter ∅ [mm]: 360
Flow [m²/s] : 0,54
Type: FSP 360


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Abbildung 2
Abbildung 3
Turbinenbau Laufräder