With WWS Wasserkraft you get everything from a single source: Our achievement spectrum reaches from the consultation about the planning, project engineering, complete execution of construction up to care of all water power arrangements. The comprehensive service of the WWS water power allows the quick realisation of your hydro power plant because one supplier is responsible for all parts.

Turbine manufacturing

The turbine is the heart of each water power plant and therefore an essential factor for the profitability and efficiency of your power plant. The portfolio of WWS covers all types of water turbines – from Francis turbine to Pelton turbine and Kaplan turbine. Our competence in the constructioning of water turbines stems from our experience in constructioning for 25 years. Our turbines are optimised to high efficiencies and long service lives. We rely on compact, easy to install and low-maintenance constructions. The high output in power always to the customers’ satisfaction.

Steel constructions for hydraulic engineering

Beside the turbines even other parts are required for trouble-free operation of hydroelectric power plants. In order to keep away from stones and floating debris of the turbine coarse rake, fine rake fields, trash rake cleaning machines and waste pump are used. Sluices gates are to blocking off or diverting the water. This is necessary during repair in the turbines and during flood. But also in the running company the watercourse must be influenced. Here fish ladder allows the mobility of the fishes. All these parts we plan, build and mount for you.

Modernisation & revitalisation

Modernisation of existing hydropower stations is one of our specialisations. From operating our own hydropower stations we know the issues of existing installations and highly appreciate the huge potential to improve the performance by technical upgrading. After a comprehensive stock-taking and economic efficiency analysis we find together with you the best solution from several renewal options.

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