Steel constructions for hydraulic engineering

Beside the turbines even other devices and parts are required for the free from trouble-free operation of hydroelectric power plants. These are summarised under the collective term steel hydraulic engineering.

Protection of the turbines

In order to keep away from stones and floating debris of the turbine coarse rake, fine rake fields, trash rake cleaning machines and waste pump are used.

Steering system of the water

With repair in the turbines or with the appearance of high water it is necessary to divert the water river. Also in the running company a part of the water above controlled ways must be escorted along the turbine. Stop protection and sluices take over the steering system of the water river. In the running company provide, e.g., shooter in fish rise support to the mobility of the fresh-water fishes and allow therefore their reproduction. With Flush sluice gat it is possible to take away mature floating refuse on the ground.

Optimisation, construction and assembly

All these aids necessary for their hydroelectric power plant plan, we build and mount for you. Also with already existing power stations an exchange or the service in certain parts can improve the efficiency and environmental compatibility of the arrangement. According to an analysis and consultation on site we select together with you the best option and move this of planning and construction up to assembly.

Turbine manufacturing

The devices and parts of the steel hydraulic engineering serve as a basis and for the protection of the water turbines. We plan and also build water turbines of all designs by your requirements. → see turbine manufacturing.

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