Commissioning of the plant in Oylat - Turkey

At the beginning of November after a 4-week trail run the first reference plant Turkey was taken in operation.

In 2010 the first contract was signed in Turkey, but at the last quarter of 2013, the first two from ordered 14 turbines and mostly already delivered turbines, could be taken into operation.

Reasons for such delay are problems in the construction, the current power conduction and the pipe laying, according to the sales manager of WWS Wasserkraft, Ing, Scharrer Günther.

"Good things take their time" already says an old Austrian saw, which comes true on closer inspection of the plant and the pictures of the plant below. The generously planned and beautiful power house is something to be proud of and it's worth showing it.


Plant data:

net head: 115 m

flow: 1 m³/s

power output: 997 kW

max. efficiency: 94 % by 80 % flow



Turbine 1
Figure 1: Turbine 1
Krafthaus von Innen
Figure 2: Krafthaus von Innen
Figure 3
Figure 4
Turbinenbau Laufräder